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Food (non-perishable)

Recycling & Reuse Options

Recycling Options:

Davis Community Meals


Accepts for FREE recycling: electronics, TV and computer monitors, microwaves, cardboard, paper, glass, metal  cans, aluminum cans, scrap metal, tin foil, rigid plastics, agricultural plastics, plastic #1-#7, used motor oil, used oil filters, car  batteries, alkaline batteries and rechargeable batteries. A fee may apply for all other materials.

These items are also accepted at the landfill for recycling--fees do apply: toilets, stoves, ovens, freezers, refrigerators, wood, yard waste,  dirt, concrete, gravel, sand, asphalt, tires, washing machines and  dryers.

More information about the landfill.




Davis Senior Center
646 A Street


alkaline, lithium, button and rechargeable batteries, cell phones, books (fiction), eyeglasses, food (perishable and non), hearing aids,  jewelry, unopened personal care products




Food Bank of Yolo County


non-perishable food




Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Center


baby clothes, diapers & supplies, bed linens, blankets, Campbell's  soup labels, children's clothing, clothes, clothes hangers,  non-perishable food, un-opened personal care products, cell phones,  telephones, wrapping paper, dryer, file cabinets, food processor,  linens, microwave, oven, pots and pans, shoes, tools, toys, unused  coloring books, washing machine, alarm clocks, toilet paper, cleaning  products




Short Term Emergency Aid Committee


baby diapers & supplies, children's books, clothing, food (perishable and non-perishable), shoes




Information on local non-profits and businesses who offer recycling/reuse services are provided as a service to the
Davis community. If your non-profit or business provides services you may contact us at: pwweb@cityofdavis.org

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