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Pharmaceuticals (presc & non)

Recycling & Reuse Options

General Recycling Information:

To prevent environmental contamination, prescription and  over-the-counter medication should NEVER be flushed down a toilet or  thrown in the trash.

Bring medications to the Household Hazardous Waste drop-off days at the landfill. Controlled substances or medications that contain  controlled substances (vicodin, morphine, codeine, etc.) are not  accepted at the landfill HHW days. By law, only law enforcement can  handle controlled substances.

For more information about pharmaceutical waste, see the California Integrated Waste Managements website.




Recycling Options:

Davis Compounding Solutions
1205 Drake Drive, Suite C


1. At home, remove, scratch off or black-out personal information from the containers to protect identity.

2. Just before drop-off, remove pills from original containers (place  containers in your recycling bin) and place pills in a clear zipper bag. Keep liquids & creams in original containers.

3. Bring zipper bag of pills & any liquids or creams and place in bin.

Other important information:

* Medications should remain in original child-proof container until just  prior to drop-off.  No Controlled Substance prescriptions (e.g.,  vicodin, Ritalin, codeine, valium, etc.) “ see complete list at  www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov/schedules. Dispose of controlled substances  at a DEA Take-Back Day Event near you, or check with local law  enforcement: (800) 882-9539 or www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov




Yolo County Central Landfill
(530) 666-8729
CR 28H & 104


Accepts for FREE recycling: electronics, TV and computer monitors, microwaves, cardboard, paper, glass, metal cans, aluminum cans, scrap metal, tin foil, rigid plastics, agricultural plastics, plastic #1-#7, used motor oil, used oil filters, car batteries, alkaline batteriesand rechargeable batteriesA fee may apply for all other materials.

These items are also accepted at the landfill for recycling--fees do apply: toilets, stoves, ovens, freezers, refrigerators, wood, yard waste, dirt, concrete, gravel, sand, asphalt, tires, washing machines and dryers.

More information about the landfill.




Information on local non-profits and businesses who offer recycling/reuse services are provided as a service to the
Davis community. If your non-profit or business provides services you may contact us at: pwweb@cityofdavis.org

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