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Plastic bags

Recycling & Reuse Options

General Recycling Information:

Recycle: Bring plastic bags back to the store to  recycle. Both Nugget stores and the West Covell CVS Pharmacy (Longs)  will take back all plastic bags for recycling (shopping bags, bread  bags, produce bags, newspaper rain bags, etc.). Always make sure the  bags are clean and dry before recycling.

Most stores that take  back plastic bags for recycling will also accept all bags labeled  plastic #2 or #4, including dry-cleaning bags (remove paper and  hangers), bread bags, produce bags, wraps from paper towels, bathroom  tissue, napkins, and diapers, plastic newspaper bags, mattress bags,  retail bags (remove hard plastic or string handles), zip lock bags  (remove hard components), cereal box liners, plastic shipping envelopes  (remove labels), case wrap (e.g., snacks, water bottles), and furniture  and electronic wrap.

Receipts, debris, and other contaminants  may prevent bags from being recycled properly, so make sure all bags and wraps are clean, dry and empty.  Storing plastic bags and product wraps in a plastic bag offers neat, convenient storage. Simply knot the  handles when you’re ready to drop them off at your local grocer or  retailer.  

Reuse: Reuse a plastic bag by lining your trash can, carry your lunch to school/work or take it with you  when you walk your dog. You can also bring your plastic shopping bags to the SPCA Thrift Store or All Things Right and Relevant (R&R)  Consignment for reuse.

What's better than choosing a paper or plastic bag? B.Y.O.B.! Bring Your Own Bag when you shop and reduce waste!




Recycling Options:

CVS Pharmacy (Longs Drug Store)
1471 W. Covell Blvd.


alkaline, lithium, button and rechargeable batteries, cell phones, plastic bags, plastic rain bags (from newspapers) 




Nugget Market
1414 East Covell Blvd.


Ink cartridges, plastic bags, batteries




Reuse Options:

All Things Right and Relevant
2801 Spafford Street


baby clothes, bed linens, blankets, books, bowls, CDs & CD players, clothing, DVDs and DVD players, furniture, home decor, household goods, jewelry, kitchen appliances, linens, microwaves, mirrors, pots and pans, shoes, VHS videos and VCRs, radios, unopened personal care products and utensils. All items must be in great shape. Please call first to see is space is available.




Toad Hollow Dog Park
1919 2nd Street
http://cityofdavis.org/pgs/facility/dogpar k.cfm


Clean, grocery-sized bags can be brought to the dog park and placed in  the cylindrical containers hung from the fence around the dog park. No  large bags and no large bags full of smaller bags.


Yolo County SPCA Thrift Store
920 3rd Street


baby clothes, bed linens, bikes, binders, blankets, blenders, books  (children's and fiction), bowls, CDs, children's clothing, clothes,  desk, dining chairs, DVD players, DVDs, file cabinets, flowerpots,  furniture, home decor, household goods, jewelry, linens, microwave,  mirror, picture frame, plates, pots and pans, radios, records, rugs,  sheets, shoes, speakers, table, table linens, tapes, toasters, toys,  coloring books, utensils, VCRs, VHS




Information on local non-profits and businesses who offer recycling/reuse services are provided as a service to the
Davis community. If your non-profit or business provides services you may contact us at: pwweb@cityofdavis.org

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