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Plastic rain bags (from newspapers)

Recycling & Reuse Options

General Recycling Information:
Do NOT place plastic bags in recycling carts. Both Nugget stores and  the West Covell CVS will take back all plastic bags for recycling  (shopping bags, bread bags, produce bags, newspaper rain bags, etc.).  Always make sure the bags are clean and dry before recycling.




Recycling Options:

CVS Pharmacy (Longs Drug Store)
1471 W. Covell Blvd.


alkaline, lithium, button and rechargeable batteries, cell phones, plastic bags, plastic rain bags (from newspapers) 




Green Zone Recycling
225 Industrial Way Ste. C


automobile parts, bed frames, bicycles, cameras (video and still),  cardboard, cellular phones, computer monitors, copper pipe, file  cabinets, irons, machinery and tools with electric motors, magazines,  metal (all kinds), metal furniture, plastic bags, pots and pans,  satellite dishes (metal), steel paint cans (empty and dry), stereos,  TVs, tools, utensils (forks, knives, spoons), vacuum cleaners, VCRs,  video and still cameras, video game machines (PS, XBOX, etc.), water  heaters 




Nugget Market
1414 East Covell Blvd.


Ink cartridges, plastic bags, batteries




Reuse Options:

The Davis Enterprise
315 G Street


rubber bands & plastic rain bags




The UPS Store
104 B Street Suite#5


bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, plastic bags, polystyrene peanuts, inflatable packing bags


Information on local non-profits and businesses who offer recycling/reuse services are provided as a service to the
Davis community. If your non-profit or business provides services you may contact us at: pwweb@cityofdavis.org

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